szombat, március 07, 2015


Ezek apró humoros képek a ptc  és egyéb pénzkereseti lehetőségek világából. Remekül lehet szórakozni rajtuk, persze bosszankodni is lehetne.. A képek eredetiek, csak az adatokat töröltem ki, hogy ki és kinek küldte. Semmi grafikai trükközés.
Egy számla képe, ahol a végösszeg 0.

Egy oldal ahol cél hogy referáltakat gyűjtsünk. Na de ennyiért????

Érdekes gríd nyeremény(hahaha)

Ezt se látja soha senki.

vasárnap, március 01, 2015


Akasztófához egy kis segítség
A Blessing in disguise
A Day Late and a Dollar Short
A little slice of paradise
A Meal Fit For A King
A Penny For Your Thoughts 
I love prizes

Add insult to injury
All in the same boat
Big fish in a small pond
End of the road
Get Down to Brass Tacks
Get your ducks in a Row
Put the Brakes On
Put your money where your mouth is
Run with the Hare and Hunt with the Hounds
Out of the Goodness of your heart
The Ball is in Your Court
The bloom is off the rose
The lights are on but Nobody's Home
 Too much like hard work
You Can't take it With You

Cross that bridge when you come to it
Every cloud has a silver lining
Knock on wood
Leave No Stone Unturned
Tongue in cheek
Quiet as a mouse
Under the Weather

Actions speak louder than words
Barking up the wrong tree
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Solving the puzzle
Surfing For Traffic
Traffic Exchange
Variety is the spice of life

smartphones and tablets


If it's not one thing it's another
It is What it is
Go out on a limb
Go the extra mile

Back to the Drawing Board
Bend over backwards
Cool your jets
Even A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut Once In A While
Hold your horses
Keep it up to date
Like a Broken Record
Like water off a duck's back
Make Up for Lost Time
Roll up your sleeves
Rule of thumb
Take matters into your own hands
Your guess is as good as mine
What you see is what you get
When it rains it pours
Work Your Fingers to the Bone

Coffee in a Mug
Please don't feed the bears
Social networking
Spread The Word
Things are Looking Up
Tongue in cheek

 Business as Usual
 Pancakes and Waffles
Southern Hospitality


Accidentally on Purpose


It's raining cats and Dogs
I've got a good feeling about this
It's a piece of Cake
Don't cry over spilled Milk
There's no such thing as a free lunch